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    Frantic Purging – Why I Participate in NaNoWriMo

    The October through December season has always been weirdly fruitful for me creatively. I’m usually stressed out, busy and following an odd sleep schedule but I’m also lost in my head. I forget people’s names from family members to friends in favor of characters. I leave this world and all it’s nuisances behind in favor of my own little happy bubble where everything is still terrible; but it’s terrible because I wrote it that way. I wake up at odd hours of the morn and night, no longer able to sleep because my mind can’t stop repeating a scene, or a sentence or a line of dialogue. I pace –…

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    Dear 2017 – Year in Words

    Your time is almost over, it’s time I acknowledge you in all your grandeur: Hi, 2017.  I’m happy to see you go. I aim to be frank in this letter in hoping you understand how you changed me, how you helped me, the decisions I made because of you, and the hold you had on my life.   I’m sorry.  Forever isn’t for us. I’m moving on as I have with the years that came before you. 2018 arrives in 8 more hours. Let’s air it all out.   You – you were brilliant as you served your time. You were devastating, distracting, depressing and honorable. When we first met…

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    Writing Update, December 2017: Another Month, Another Novel

      It’s snowing outside again(ugh), so I figured, it’s time to sit down with a cup of tea and talk about how my writing is going. My goal this month was already ridiculous. The plan was (and still is) to write 80,000 words this December. Then this past Saturday, I added a new novel (or two, oops) right into the works.  So, If you don’t already know, I just wrote a novel. It’s currently sitting in a far away folder on my laptop, collecting dust until January, while I’m supposed to be rewriting last year’s NaNoWriMo work. It’s funny how some things in life never quite go as planned.

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    What I’m Reading This December

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin It’s nearly mid December and the end of the year, so I’m trying to pack in as many last minute reads as I can to reach my Goodread’s reading goal of 2017 (which was a measly fifty books this year, I’m so ashamed).  Raise your hand if you also had ridiculously low goals that you are also about to fail for the year. Just me? Ok, good to know. All Over but the Shoutin’ by Rick Bragg I read this book this spring, but I’ve felt the need to pick it up again. I honestly cannot for the life of me really remember what the…

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    The Best Free Online Writing Softwares – Part One

      Every November during NaNoWriMo, I test a variety of writing websites and softwares, particularly those that are online.  They’re run through their paces as I pull out hefty word counts in short amounts of time. Here are the pros and cons for five of the websites I tried this past November.  Keep in mind that this is all subjective to who I am as a writer and what I value. I am a plantser (I do a bit of planning, but a lot of pantsing) and all of these websites were used with fast drafting.     MyWriteClub 4 out of 5 stars. Best usage: fast drafting and word…

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    NaNoWriMo 2017 Overview – This Is How It Went

    When it comes to writing challenges like NaNoWriMo, I’m infamous for waiting until the last minute to come up with story ideas and plans.  Last year (I won with 51.8k) I was scrambling five hours before the events officially started in the East Coast, slapping together a story idea based on an oldish character and a book cover. A novel never feels quite right without the book cover.  Then I raced into the first day of NaNoWriMo with no real feel for what I was writing. Well, history likes to repeat itself. I did it again this year.  About a month before I had a vague story idea that I…

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    Another Year, Another NaNoWriMo Hangover

    Before we start I want to say, ‘congratulations’.  You wrote for thirty days, give or take a handful.  You  created a habit. NaNoWriMo is over, the tough part is now keeping the habit. I’m creatively drained. My head pounds a little when I think too hard about plot. My fingers shake when they touch the keys. An aching pain shoots up my wrists. I’ve drunk enough tea this month to fill Boston Harbor. The usual post – NaNo symptoms.

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    What I Learned During Week One of NaNoWriMo

    When I first had the idea to write this post series, it was because I was switching my blog over to a wordpress.com site. As I was switching things over I was rereading all of my blog posts from NaNoWriMo last year. A lot of that time was spent cringing because of all grammar and spelling mistakes I made.  I guess I have to give myself grace though because a lot of the posts were written after midnight in like ten minutes. But the time that wasn’t spent holding back winces, was spent in nostalgia and a little bit of awe at the wisdom my sleep-deprived was able to articulate.

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    Nerves, Blues and Getting Started

    The month before NaNoWriMo is always filled with writers who are doing NaNoWriMo ‘the right way’ (aka those who spend the entire month of October outlining and learning about their characters.) and writers who believe NaNoWriMo is an unforgivable act against God. They run their mouths to anyone who will listen on the internet.  And then there’s those of us who barely declare our novels before the month begins, and we just jump straight into the deep end praying fervently that we won’t drown. We bite our nails as we read their comments on the internet.   Last year, I spent nearly the entire month of October freaking out to…